An inside look at the faith of refugees

In those areas, in those places you get at least 2-3,000 to 5,000 displaced persons, including men, women and children…and everybody.

They came here as the result of the Boko Haram attacks. And before then they were peaceful people living normal lives before the insurgence. And some of them explain that they came with serious threats, especially on the women.

At the school that I was teaching, inside these school premises, they burned all the textbooks, all the benches, anything they had they had burned it. And then, there were two big churches on our village, they have burned both of them.

Trousers and red T-shirts and black T-shirts and red T-shirts, that’s how they dress. But some of them are wearing white clothes. I’m explaining to the children don´t fight because Jesus did not teach us how to fight. Jesus teaches us to love one another. And Jesus is loving them, and Jesus is loving us too that we escaped from our place to this place if not because of Jesus that loves us and protects us we cannot see this place. So I´m teaching the children so that they will not fight, they will learn to love one another.

If you tell children to love Boko Haram, they say they will not love Boko Haram because they killed their parents, they killed everybody. They have burned their property. They’re not loving Boko Haram. They don´t want to hear that. They say that they will not love Boko Haram.

If I teach them to “love your enemies, Jesus teaches us to love your enemies,” they say “no, it´s not this type of enemies that will kill us…”

Follow Jesus Christ. I’m advising them not to drop Jesus. For them not to drop following Jesus. Let them hold Jesus Christ as their Pastoral Savior. Without God they cannot to live.