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Global project to know and help persecuted Christians launched from Rome

Stand Together aims to develop and disseminate stories of hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation

It is estimated that every hour, at least one Christian is killed somewhere in the world because of his faith. But death is not the only type of martyrdom. Many are marginalized, some expelled from their homes or their jobs, because they are believed to be Christians.

Iraqi priest, Rebwar Basa knows some of these living martyrs of the faith.

Rebwar Basa, Chaldean Priest in Iraq: “We have always been in Iraq, we are an original population, but now we are a minority. Before 2003, we were more than a million, and now we are 300 thousand, with half who have been expelled from their homes. If nothing is done, we will disappear from Iraq. It would be a pity because this is the country of Abraham, where our faith began.”

Part of the drama of many persecuted Christians is that very few around the world are aware of their sufferings and difficulties.

One of the initiatives to raise awareness about the dramatic situation is “Stand Together,” a web platform launched by institutions such as Rome Reports, the International Center for Communion and Liberation, la Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura, and the ISCOM Association, so that Persecuted Christians do not feel alone.

Roberto Fontolan, International Center of Communion and Liberation: “The fundamental idea of ‘Stand Together’ is to make the public aware of the reality, testimonies and values of Christians who are discriminated against and persecuted. We are interested in showing the value of their voices, showing that their presence, their life, their existence, is precious to everyone, and we can learn a lot from them.”

Antonio Olivié, CEO of Rome Reports: “Stand Together is a platform for learning about persecuted Christians, we can learn a lot from faith… The example of faith, hope, courage and resistance that Christians show us in the midst of persecution, is an example for everyone, from which we can learn.”

Rebwar Basa, Chaldean Priest in Iraq: “We are members of the body of Christ. When one part of the body is not well, the whole body suffers. If there are persecuted Christians, others should feel this suffering and do something to heal the Mystical Body of Christ.”

It is called “Stand Together” because it is a proposal to respond together to the drama of persecuted Christians. It already has a documented web page in three languages and accounts on Twitter and Facebook.