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And after Christmas, what happens in Aleppo?


As an Arabic carol says:

On Christmas Night … The Earth blooms
On Christmas Night… Love is born
When we offer a glass of water to the thirsty, that is Christmas
When we clothe the naked with a cloth of love, that is Christmas
When we wipe the tears from their weeping eyes, that is Christmas
When we fill a hopeless heart with love, that is Christmas

Fr. Ibrahim from San Francesco parish in Aleppo gives testimony with these words, making reference to the true meaning of Christmas and the help his community has received. He wrote a letter dated January 20 saying, “Christmas season is over. It was a busy time for us, rich in different spiritual and festival events. Christmas decorations created an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Several people took pictures to recall those unforgettable moments later at home. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to organize several celebrations in our parish for children, young people, families and the elderly. Many faithful of other rites participated”.

With donations received, Fr. Ibrahim and those working with him are able to offer practical help to the community, such as a monthly distribution of food, hygiene products, water, medical care, damaged housing restoration and educational support.

“Our other project consists in the support of young married couples during the war. They do not have pre-war savings that would help them start a family. Nearly 600 Christian families have been married from 2012 until today.”