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How a young martyr saved his Church from terrorists

“I will die, but you will not enter the Church.” Those were the last words that 18-year-old, Akash Bashir, said to a Muslim terrorist who was trying to attack the Church of St. John in Youhanabad (Pakistan) with a bomb vest.

He sacrified himself to save the life of houndreds of people that attended mass that day, March 15, 2015. The suicide bomber thought that by showing the young man his bomb vest he would let him in to the Church, but it was not enough to convice him. Akash decided to jump towards the terrorist in order to make a type of shield at the moment the bomb exploded. This was how he avoided a massacre from happening.

Akash Bashir’s parents state that they have already forgiven the terrorist who was responsible for his son’s death, “ We have forgiven all those who persecute us and are against us.”

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