Patriarch Sako: “A real opportunity is available today to save our people from extremism”

“Protecting religious freedom” was the title of the conference held in Baghdad the past Saturday 21 of January. They took part in this event intellectuals, activists of various civic movements, and of course religious leaders, among whom it stand out the speech of The Chaldean Patriarch, Louis Raphael Sako. In his intervention he adressed the “Inciting Discourse as a Form of Terrorism”.

During his speech he wanted to highlight his worry for extremism, as it is “a tragedy shocking us as Eastern Christians together with other religious minorities” and stirs up hatred and distance between citizens. He transmitted messages of hope and positive vibes to participants by declaring that it is possible to fight against extremism and terrorism, but that first it is necessary to “adopt a culture of tolerance, convergence, moderns, mature and openness”

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