Pakistani martyrs: incredible lesson of bravery

The Christian situation in Pakistan has become more complex over time due to the increasing number of extremist and violent movements. The Archbishop of Lahore, Sebastian Shaw, made a trip to the United States to explain all difficulties that Christians are currently facing in Pakistan.

Among the themes he spoke about in his interview with CRUX, he highlighted his belief in the power of dialogue. He said that he truly believes inter-religious dialogue is the only way to cope with extremism. At the same time, he spoke about several anecdotes of Christians who have fought for their faith, as it is the case of Asia Bibi and the martyr, Akash Bashir.

The Archbishop Sebastian Shaw has taken on a commitment to do whatever he can to help the greatest number of people as possible. For this reason, after the terrorist attack in Gulshan-e-Iqba during Palm Sunday in 2016, he traveled to visit all those who were injured. Despite their religion, he spent time with them and showed them the attention and love they needed.

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