StandTogether gives presentation in Washington, and prepares to expand to Russia

It is a project to help marginalized and persecuted Christian minorities.

#StandTogether, a project aimed at helping persecuted Christians, was presented this week at the Catholic Information Center in Washington DC, as well as the “Under Caesar’s Sword” conference at Notre Dame Univesity.

In the US capital, just a few meters from the White House, the upcoming launch of a Russian edition of the initiative was announced. Itwill facilitate the involvement of Orthodox Christians.

“With the goal to highlight the positive testimonies that these Christians, that are suffering and living in difficult circumstances in the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan, as we heard before, can tell us, can help us.”

Videos and broadcasts on television and social networks reflect the courage and determination of those who resist the persecution, as well as the ability to forgive.

“The question is not only ‘How can we help them?’ The question is ‘How can we learn from them? Their courage, their faith, their fight every day, their personal testimony in the Middle East or in another countries.”

During the presentation at the Catholic Information Center, Brian Grim, who collaborated with #StandTogether from the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, was also in attendance.

#StandTogether emerged out of four entities interested in spreading the voices of persecuted Christians. They were the Communion and Liberation, Foundation for Social Promotion of Culture, ISCOM and the ‘Friends of Rome Reports’ foundation.

In recent months, the Sovereign Order of Malta, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, Rimini Meeting, and the Credit Valtellinese Foundation have also been added.