For a more beautiful Aleppo

Since mid-June, more than 200 people have been involved in the “For a more beautiful Aleppo” initiative, promoted by the city’s Latin parish community and supported by local authorities.

The goal of the project is to bring the places destroyed by the conflict back to life through artistic activities. The initiative is open to everyone. Archbishop George Abou Khazen, apostolic vicar of Aleppo, supported the project by saying that “as a Church, we have an enormous potential that we cannot keep just for ourselves. It is part of our duty and our mission to share it. This contributes to the good of all our brothers and sisters who, along with us, coexist in the same country, the same city, the same society.”

Aleppo is not the only city in Syria where a life is slowly returning. Many people are now returning to their homes. This UNHCR report shows those numbers.

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