“We must learn from the strength, faith and forgiveness of persecuted Christians”

The #StandTogether project was presented at the Rimini Meeting in Italy.

Forgiveness, hope, and strength are some of the virtues practiced by persecuted Christians throughout the world when facing adversity. Far from pitying them, the #StandTogether project invites others to learn from them.

Antonio Olivié, CEO of Rome Reports, presented the development of this initiative at the Rimini Meeting. He explained that its goal is to spread inspirational stories.

CEO, Rome Reports TV News Agency
“We often wonder what we can do for persecuted Christians. I think this is not the right question. For us, the correct question is: what can we learn from persecuted Christians? When you see their strength, their forgiveness, their relationship with Muslim people… I think there are many values we can learn from them.”

Through short videos all under three minutes long, extraordinary stories are told of those who suffer, but never choose violence.
It is an initiative in collaboration with volunteers and corporations who work for those suffering persecution.

Director, International Center for Communion and Liberation
“The essential aim, in terms of content, is to spread the stories, the realities, the experiences of Christians from these countries. It’s to share the positive contributions soley from their existence. To understand what message they transmit to us and to be helped by them.”

Televisions around the world broadcast these stories, which are also posted on the website www.allstandtogether.com and spread through Twitter and Facebook accounts. So far, all videos have been published in English, Spanish and Italian. Coming soon, they will also begin to be shared in Russian and French.