He kills a nun by stabbing her 54 times… and 22 years later, repentant, attends her beatification

November 4 marked the beatification of Sister Rani María Vattalil, who was brutally murdered in 1995. Among the attendees was Samunder Singh, the man who assassinated this Franciscan nun. Once he had served his sentence and was repentant of the murder, Singh was pardoned by the newly beatified’s family. “I’m happy she was recognized a martyr,” her killer said.

Singh still feels the “weight of his crime” and says these developments “were a manifestation of God’s will.” Sister Rani dedicated herself to serving the poorest, something Hindu tribal leaders didn’t like. Her story has been told in the documentary “En el corazón del asesino,” about the path to penance and forgiveness.
Source: Religión en Libertad