Pope: patience, virtue of those who are persecuted, like Christians in the Middle East.

“Patience is the virtue” of the many who are on their journey and bear difficulties and trials on their shoulders, like many Christians persecuted and chased out of the Middle East, because they are Christians.

This thought for persecuted Christians marked Pope Francis’ homily at Mass this morning at Casa Santa Marta, inspired by a phrase of St. James the Apostle:“The testing of your faith produces patience”.

“I think of our persecuted sisters and brothers in the Middle East,” the Pope said, being “chased away” precisely because they are Christians: “And yet they are determined to remain Christians: they have embraced patience just as the Lord embraced patience. With these ideas, perhaps, we can pray today, pray for our people: “Lord, give to your people patience to bear their trials.”

Source: Asianews