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Raising awareness: the key to improving situation of persecuted Christians

Today’s persecution is more intense than in any other historic period, and is continued through indifference.

The #StandTogether project was presented at a conference in Rome by the Italian delegate for Fundación Promoción Social, Rossella Miranda. The Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See also explained his experience of helping persecuted Christians, saying raising awareness is the first step.

Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See
“It’s all about awareness. Most people never think about Christians being in a difficult situation, then they watch videos. Those emotional stories are even better, but you need networks to put them out into social media. #StandTogether is an effort like that. It’s a very useful and good effort. I’m very happy that in some points we have already worked together and I would wish much more people would take part in this.”

Italian delegate for FPS
“Today’s persecution is more intense than in any other historic period. Unfortunately, it unseen and silenced by everyone. The biggest threat is indifference. To fight past the walls of death, we must first conquer indifference. In 2016, the #StandTogether project was started by a group of people with different sensibilities, but with the same desire to amplify the voice of persecuted Christians, remembering above all, how much we can learn from them.”

Two professors from Regina Apostolorum University also spoke. One underlined the importance of being aware of the plight of persecuted Christians today.

Philosophy Faculty, Regina Apostolorum
“Today there’s more martyrs than ever before and this should make us question many things, of trying to understand it. In the first place, we’ll try to know about it first, and sort of get the measurements of the facts, which I think would help. Then second, to understand what persecution means in the Church, for the Church. And then, ask ourselves what we can do.”

The project #StandTogether is doing just that. It’s raising awareness, fighting indifference and calling other countries to take a stand and do their part to stop this ever-present emergency in our midst.