“Faith is like a virus,” Didier Rance’s theory

These are 10 testimonies of Christians who have suffered persecution: bishops, priests and clandestine lay men and women in Eastern Europe. In the book, “The great test: Eastern Europe, witness of faith in persecution,” author Didier Rance confirms his theory that faith is like a virus that spreads very fast. Especially, he says, when it is put to the test in the face of persecution and those who suffer in the name of the faith itself.

“Just as life gives life, those who have faith give it to others,” says Rance, “God has a lot of trust in us and He lets us transmit this” virus “to each other.” God does not put a sign in Heaven that says: “I am God, believe in Me.” God trusts men to be the witnesses before others.

A few days ago, the author presented the Spanish edition of his book in Madrid. “If we can highlight the passages of the Gospel that speak of persecution and the others where everyone comes together for peace, the contrast is overwhelming: It seems, says Rance, that the entire Bible is a manual to prepare Christians from every generation in the face of persecution.”

Speaking of his opportunity to interview dozens of faithful, Rance continues: “I had the opportunity to ask many questions.” When asked where they had the strength to move forward, and cling to their faith in the midst of many difficulties, everyone answered: Because I have seen the others do it before me. They were referring to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends to whom they owed their faith in Christ.

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