Laos: conversions and baptisms despite oppression

Beun is an evangelist who lives in Laos. In a Buddhist context of a rural area of ​​the country, his Christian faith is considered a foreign threat. After a journey of discipleship and a theological preparation, Beun began to evangelize, immediately seeing its fruits. Recently four people were baptized into the group he leads and seven accepted Christ as their Savior.

Some ran toward Beun, intrigued by the life of Jesus, and others asked for prayers for long-term illnesses, for which doctors had no remedy. After many were healed, more and more people wanted to be near Beun. However, he was also attacked for his faith. He was arrested and locked in a cell for five months in order to weaken him and make him give up. In a short time, he had lost his only source of income, his house, the respect of his neighbors and even his freedom. “If God intends to ask for my life, I am ready to give it up as a sacrifice,” he said. Through this statement one can see the fruits of the trials he endured.

Open Doors intervened to support Beun and his family, building a house in an area outside the village. The house soon became a church, a place for study, prayer meetings and discipleship. At the same time, they helped him to start a small project in a separate building: growing mushrooms. This allowed him to look after himself and his family, while continuing his pastoral and evangelistic ministry.

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