A young witness of the faith

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag was eight months pregnant, but it wasn’t visible. Her eyes were glassy and motionless as she was given her sentence. The reason? She had refused to convert to Islam and, thus, deserved a harsh punishment.

The case of the young Sudanese mother arrested along with her son has captured the attention of millions for months. It all began with a relative who decided to accuse her of apostasy. She was sentenced to 100 whippings for adultery through marriage to a Christian man, but not only that. She was also sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

Meriam gave birth to her son in prison and has continued to fight for her freedom. She was not aware that she had become a symbol of Christian persecution worldwide. Pope Francis mentioned this 27-year-old woman a few years ago, calling her a great witness of the faith. Now, Italian journalist Antonella Napoli is providing the black-and-white details in a Spanish book that follows the story step by step up until a happy ending for Meriam.

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