Christian “guardians of faith”

Iraq has been fighting the Daesh war for more than three years. According to ACNUR, 3.2 million people have been affected by the violence. The “Guardians of the Faith” documentary presents the testimonies of persecuted Christians and those who fight against the Daesh. They’re different stories with one thing in common: giving up everything for faith in Christ.

“It’s a difficult documentary, it leaves you almost discouraged, but it shows the example of a Christian: the peace and joy of giving one’s life to Christ despite having lost everything.” These are the words of Jaume Vives, the project’s producer and co-director. Vives is a young man with a strong Christian faith who traveled to Iraq in 2015 with six friends to film the documentary.

Following the film’s official presentation more than a year ago, in February 2017, Vives and his collaborators didn’t stop. They’re trying to spread the documentary to make the voices of persecuted Christians heard. Last summer, they brought it to Iraq, where they received the biggest compliment possible: “They seem to have filmed locals.”

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