Lunch uniting Christians and Muslims

“When we received the e-mail announcing the theme of the new international Caritas campaign and other NGOs on the theme “Share the Journey” (#sharethejourney), which encourages local communities to welcome and integrate refugees, we felt confused. How can we adopt this campaign here in Syria? Who in society could be considered a guest? Who should be included in the new arrivals category? We have no refugees in Syria.” These are the words of Sandra Awad, Head of Communications for Caritas Syria.

To join the campaign, they decided to organize a meal for displaced people. The event was June 23 in the complex of the Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross, in Damascus. In addition to those who helped out, there were also bishops and priests from the Catholic Church.

At the end of the day, under the guidance of the bishops, all the attendees, Christians and Muslims, prayed together. They asked God for peace, forgiveness and love to fill the hearts of all Syrians.

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