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The cross is the strongest weapon

“We are persecuted because of the cross, but this is the only and strongest weapon we have.” Fr. Naim Shosandy, Catholic Syrian priest from Qaraqosh, refers to the “St. Simon” cross from the church of Mosul, which was exposed in the prayer vigil. Fr. Naim had to flee his city, due to the persecution of the Islamic State. Now he offers his testimony to prevent the Church from disappearing in his beloved country.

When Daesh enters a city, there are three options: convert to Islam, pay a fee for being Catholic or leave the city quickly. “If one does not choose any of the three, they choose death,” says Fr. Naim. “My brother did not choose one and was killed. We have no right to life or to religious freedom.”

Written above the cross of “St. Simon” in Mosul, it says: “The cross carries an inscription, which is our motto: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. We want to love and forgive, that is our life. We do not want revenge. We forgive. We must pray together, so God can forgive these people.”

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