Imam saves 262 Christians

“I didn’t think twice before acting.” Thus begins the story of a Nigerian imam who managed to save hundreds of Christians during the latest attacks in the central-northern state of Plateau. Risking his life, the Muslim leader served as a human shield for 262 people.

“I saw people fleeing from the villages locating to the nearby town of Barikin Ladi,” explains the imam. “Initially, I decided to bring women and children to my house to hide them. Shortly thereafter I went to get the men,” he explained. “I chose to transfer them all to the mosque in my village of Nghar Yelwa.”

For days, several groups of farmers, mainly sedentary, clashed with the shepherds coming from the semi-nomadic community of Fulani, largely of Muslim faith. “Some armed men have asked me to separate the Christians from the Muslims, who were inside my mosque,” reported the imam to the Nigerian newspaper, The Sun. “I knelt before them and told them they were all Muslims.”

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