Relics of 21 Coptic martyrs

Two weeks ago, the bishop of the Samalut Coptic Orthodox Church, Anba Befnosios, inaugurated the 21 Coptic martyrs from Libya in the museum sanctuary in the Egyptian city of Al Our. They were assassinated by the Islamic State in 2015.

Along with the caskets used to transport the bodies from Libya to Egypt, various objects are being conserved as relics: the chains that bound their wrists, as well as the orange uniforms the Jihadists forced them to wear during the executions that were filmed and posted on the Internet.

The 20 Coptic Egyptians and their work colleague from Ghana were kidnapped in Libya in early January 2015. More than a month later, on February 15, the video of their decapitation was posted on Jihadist websites. A week after the news of the killing, Coptic Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II decided to engrave the 21 martyrs in Synaxarium, the Coptic Church’s book of martyrs.

The victims’ families expressed their joy for the inauguration of this site, which will be used to pay homage to the glory of God manifested in those who never renounced their faith.

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