“A Monk Held Hostage,” the book by Fr. Mourad

“We testify to Jesus, Prince of Peace, we don’t take up arms.” That’s how Fr. Jacques Mourad responded when asked to accept the Damascan government’s proposal to arm Christians to fight against ISIS. He was kidnapped and spent five long months in Jihadist hands. This is the story he tells in his book, published a few weeks ago in France, entitled “A Monk Held Hostage. The call for peace by a monk held hostage by the Jihadists.”

He was called to his monastery in Mar Elian, not very far from Mar Musa, where he created the community of the same name with his friend, Paolo Dall’Oglio. Fr. Jacques says he knew something was about to happen. He had tried everything to prevent the city’s fall, also organizing a music class for Christian and Muslim youth to teach them their hands were made for art, beauty, music and work, not firearms. However, all of this was sadly not enough.

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