Father Samir Khalil, builder of bridges between Islam and Christianity

“He paved the way for a new self-confidence for the oppressed and persecuted.” This is the reason why the German “Stephanus Foundation” decided to honor Fr. Samir Khalil, an Egyptian Jesuit and scholar of Christian literary heritage in the Arab world. The award ceremony took place on July 21 in the Hall of Mirrors of the Baroque-style residence in Eichstätt, a Bavarian municipality.

In the 1980s, Father Samir founded the Center for Research and Documentation of CEDRAC in Beirut to deepen studies on Christian literary heritage of the Arab world. In 2015, he presided over the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Pio) in Rome.

Upon receiving the award in Bavaria, the Jesuit invited those present to “have more courage for dialogue.” He then emphasized that “the concepts of Christianity and Islam are profoundly different, but in spite of all the violence, we must never forget to consider Muslims our brothers and sisters and work for peace.”

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