Theresa May close to persecuted Christians

Prime Minister Theresa May declared in Parliament that the U.K. government is close to persecuted Christians “throughout the world.” On July 18, conservative Chris Philip asked if the prime minister shared his concern over the “growing wave of persecution and violence” that Christians throughout the world face.

In particular, he highlighted the assassination of Sunil Saleem in Lahore, Pakistan, which took place in March of this year. Sunil defended his pregnant sister when a nurse denied her access to a doctor. For this, he was beaten to death by hospital personnel.

“As a government,” May declared, “we are close to the persecuted Christians of the world and we will continue supporting them. It’s difficult to understand how we can continue to be witnesses to the murder of people for their Christian faith. We must reaffirm our determination to defend ourselves, as well as the freedom of people of all religions, so they can practice their faith in peace and security.”

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