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“Where Christians die,” testimonies of today

Unknown faces hide faith experiences – men, women, children, all born in countries devastated by war, such as Iraq, Syria and Kenya. Deeper than everyone’s specific questions are the stories of those who survive in these places. Msgr. Luigi Ginami, president of the Italian foundation “Santina,” found himself in these countries and decided to compile everything he saw in a book entitled “Where Christians die.”

“It’s a book,” says Msgr. Ginami, “that joins the cries of many persecuted Christians, but not just them: even those who are persecuted by a crazy violence, frequently based on faith. The world tells us the numbers of conflicts, political reasons, explanations. Few people care if a child dies, how many people die in Syria today. Who explains a child’s suffering? Who makes us see everything through the eyes of suffering? It’s a shout that gives a voice to people who don’t have one.”

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