Today’s Silent Heroes

“The pigeons will return.” This is the title of the book by Sister Maria Guadalupe Rodrigo, who decided to tell her own experience as a missionary in the Middle East along with some stories of Christians who defended the faith at the cost of their lives.


Sister Guadalupe belongs to the religious family Institute of the Incarnate Word and spent 18 years in the Middle East. First in the Holy Land, then in Egypt and then in Syria, where she remained until the end of 2016.


When asked what inspiration led her to write the book, Sister Guadalupe responded in this way. “The silent heroes of today: the martyrs and confessors of the faith, that multitude of children, young and old, especially in the Middle East, who do not hesitate to bear witness to Jesus Christ even at the cost of their own lives.” The missionaries who “although they can leave, prefer to stay with the Christians in these difficult places, to be witnesses of Christ, to console them and to love them like him,” are also sources of inspiration.


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