Rabbis helping Christians in the Holy Land

They are two rabbis who are working hard to help the Arab Christians in Bethlehem, the oldest Christian community in the world. Their names are Pesach Wolicki and David Nekrutman and they work for the Center for Judeo-Christian Understanding and Cooperation.
Together, they launched Blessing Bethlehem in 2016 to help persecuted Christians living in and around the city. As part of their work, they distribute meals and food stamps to 120 Christian families in Bethlehem. Arab Christians bring packages to a central location in Bethlehem and directly to the elderly. Much of their work must remain secret to protect the recipients.
The problem is severe as Arab Christians are an oppressed minority in areas of the region controlled by Muslims. Overall, Christians represent about two percent of the Israeli population. About half of Israel’s 120,000 Arab Christians are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Before Hamas conquered Gaza, some 5,000 Christians lived in Gaza. Now that number has dropped to less than a thousand.
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