A community open to all

There is currently no tension in Iraqi Kurdistan, but the refugee and refugee emergency, caused by the war against Isis and internal instability in Iraq, has not ended. To affirm this is Father Jens Petzold, a religious of Mar Musa (the community founded by the Jesuit Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, who died in Syria), for years in Kurdistan.

“For three years – Father Jens observes – we hosted in our community in Sulaymaniyya the Christian refugees who had fled in the face of the advance of the militiamen of the Islamic State. In the most critical period they slept, ate and lived with us 250 men, women and children”.

Kurdistan has reached the point of receiving 1,700,000 internally displaced persons and refugees. In the area of Sulaymaniyya alone there were 200,000, including five thousand Christians. In the face of this emergency, Father Jens and the numerous volunteers who work in his community are involved in various projects. The most important one is the language school, which is flanked by theatrical activities. “We are thinking – explains the religious – of creating a popular school. And, alongside the language courses, we want to include other teachings: history, philosophy, literature. We want to provide and we offer these activities to everyone: Kurds, refugees, refugees. We do not differentiate between faith and ethnicity.

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