Christian manuscripts saved by a Muslim family

To save Christian manuscripts from the Islamic State, one is putting one’s life in danger. This is what a Muslim family from Mosul did, who, for three years, they hid two ancient texts of the Syro-Orthodox rite and then handed them over to the Chaldean community in Erbil.

A testimony of courage that shows how Mosul and all of Iraq can be reborn and build a future only starting from the principle of unity and coexistence, first and foremost between Christians and Muslims. The family asks to remain anonymous, because “there are still sleeping cells” in the city ready “to strike for revenge”.

The Chaldean priest Don Paolo Thabit Mekko told the story to AsiaNews, who today preserves the two precious manuscripts with care and attention, waiting to return them to the Church to which they belong. “Recently,” he said, “a Chaldean Christian from Mosul contacted me. He had a Muslim neighbour of ancient Mesopotamian descent when he lived in the city about 20 years ago. The two families “have established a relationship of friendship that has lasted over time” despite the distance and the devastating violence of the militiamen.

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