Venice illuminated in red for Asia Bibi

The sentence for Asia Bibi has arrived and she will not be sentenced to death. This was the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. As a way of commemorating this moment and the millions of Christians who are being persecuted today, on November 20, Aid to the Church in Need and the Patriarchate of Venice will illuminate in red the Grand Canal of Venice; and many other landmarks of the city.

“The water of the Grand Canal will be transformed into the blood of persecuted Christians,” said the director of ACS-Italy Alessandro Monteduro. “A new evocative environment to let the world take note of the persecution our brothers and sisters experience. After last Wednesday’s news of Asia Bibi, we couldn’t help but dedicate the night to her. A brave woman who did not deny her faith and remained in prison for 3,420 days.”

There will also be a moment of testimony from Monsignor Botros Fahim. He is a Coptic Catholic Bishop of Minya in Egypt. He will tell all the young people and pilgrims present how difficult it is to be a Christian in places where religious freedom is oppressed.

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