Caritas in Pakistan: “We must put an end to the culture of hatred”

To promote peace and interreligious harmony in the country. This is the main objective of Caritas in Pakistan. According to Mansha Noor, Executive Secretary of the organization in Karachi, “radical groups are well organized” and something needs to be done.

Speaking to representatives of Christian-led non-governmental organizations and various church groups, especially young people, gathered at a workshop in Karachi, Mansha Noor said: “Christians are doing a good job for the human development of the poor and needy. We must work for the progress of peace and harmony in the country to put an end to the culture of hatred, violence and discrimination.”

Rasheed Gill, animator of the Justice and Peace Commission at the Conference of Major Superiors of Pakistan, said: “The Church looks to the nation to take a step forward in the formation of people and citizens committed to building a peaceful society. The situation in the country is quite worrying at the moment. One example is what happened in the case of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman acquitted after a blasphemy trial. It is necessary to make a contribution to producing peace and harmony.”

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