Friendship is stronger than wars

Despite constant massacres, friendship between people of different faiths does not diminish. This is what is happening in the Egyptian province of Minya, the scene of the last massacre of Coptic Christians. It is impossible for the Jihadists to annihilate the friendship that have traditionally characterized the coexistence between Egyptians of Christian and Islamic faith.

In Minya on the occasion of the Mawlid, the Coptic Imad Gerges, has spread religious songs that recall the event of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. He is the owner of the most famous pastry shop in the city; and to honor the Muslim celebration he sells the typical sweets for the Islamic feast.

At the Franciscan Sisters’ school in Beni Suef, Superior Veronica Najee together with the principal Sister Nivina Halal and her sisters also distributed sweets to celebrate the event with their Muslim students as well as teachers. They also got the Christian students of the school involved in the Muhammad Mawlid celebrations.

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