The story of Pastor Edward

During the civil war in Syria, many churches were left in darkness. One of them is led by Pastor Edward, in Damascus. “I am so grateful that the area is now pacified. This is a great relief for all! By that I mean that Damascus is now safer, but there are no people! People don’t see a future here, they don’t see prospects and frustration seems to prevail. When a war is over, a rebirth is usually expected, but it doesn’t seem to have happened like that here.”

The Church, according to Pastor Edward, has a fundamental role in keeping hope alive. Thanks to the commitment of people like him, Open Doors has been able to give life to the Hope Centers. These are places designed to offer material and spiritual support to the victims of war. “In our Hope Centers – added Pastor Edward – we have a medical team that not only distributes medicines to those in need, but is dedicated to listening and supporting people. In addition, we have a team dedicated to people with hearing disabilities, a service that is bearing wonderful fruit! But it doesn’t end there, we also provide other types of help such as schooling and vocational training of young people, to allow them to think about the future. The Church in Syria has lost an entire generation of young people, so we believe that one of the priorities is to rebuild by investing in them.”

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