“Thanks to the Muslims of Baghdad”

“Every Iraqi citizen, whether Christian or Muslim, must rediscover their original essense. They belong to the land and the country as a citizen, contrasting those who incite hatred.” This is what Fr. Albert Hisham Naoum, parish priest of the Chaldean Church of St. Mary in Baghdad, writes in a letter of “thanksgiving” to Muslims fighting against fundamentalism and divisions.

In recent days, the Grand Mufti of the Republic invited Muslims not to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve because they are Christian traditions. Yet, a great controversy arose from this request, because “they do not express the spirit of fraternity that unites us,” says Fr. Naoum.

The letter continues, “along with the statements harmful to the dialogue and unity, for the New Year, many of our Muslim brothers have called for the re-opening of churches shuttered years ago because of religious extremism or Christian emigration.  I would very much like the Church to spread a message of thanksgiving to these Muslims. They represent a response to the forces of evil, which led to the seizure of Christiane homes and assets. They are a response to the extremism that drove Christians from their homes and churches. They are an answer to the hate speech and intolerance that have spread and are a positive sign for those who have been affected by a discourse that fuels divisions.”

Read the full letter on the site: Asianews.it