Cathedral and Mosque, “parallel inauguration”

In Egypt the new Coptic cathedral and mosque have been officially inaugurated. The interesting thing is that they were both built and inaugurated at the same time.

The new Coptic cathedral and mosque were inaugurated in the new urban area which is 45 km from Cairo; and destined to become the new administrative capital of Egypt. The official opening ceremonies were held on Sunday Jan. 6 on the eve of Coptic Christmas. The Egyptian politicians came up with the idea so it could be a moment of symbolic value. The aim is to revive the image of a country founded on the coexistence of different communities and religious identities, united in the common rejection of terrorism and sectarianism which threaten its political and social stability. A delegation from the Sunni University of Al Azhar, led by Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi were also present at the event.

On this occasion, Sheikh el-Tayeb recalled that most Coptic churches were built after Islam had already spread in Egypt. This historical fact alone is sufficient to refute, as being gravely erroneous and misleading, the Fatwa issued by Islamic leaders who condemn and seek to prevent the construction of churches on lands inhabited by Muslims.

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