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Asia Bibi is finally free and can leave Pakistan

The judicial nightmare ends for Asia Bibi. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected the appeal against her release from prison.

The appeal against this Christian woman came  after the announcement she was being released from prison. Asia had been imprisoned for charges of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad.

The Supreme Court also confirmed that such an blasphemy accusation was false from the beginning.

Asia Bibi was charged in 2010 under the anti-blasphemy law. It has sometimes been used for personal revenge or to attack a religious minority. She has been in jail since then. After a judicial ordeal for almost nine years, she was finally released in Oct. 31 2018.

However, Asia Bibi’s release generated violent protests in the country. They were led by Islamic radicals. As a result, the Pakistan government allowed her sentence to be reviewed again to stop riots.  Asia Bibi has not been able to leave Pakistan since then.

Since October, Asia and her family have been kept hidden in a secure location within the country. This is because they received death threats from radicals. They will now be able to leave Pakistan if they so wish.