In Mumbai, the PIME inaugurates the “House of Mercy”

A place of activity and meeting for “inter-religious dialogue, the exchange of ideas on a common platform, help for the sick, the reception of international volunteers. And maybe in the future, also the new regional house of PIME”. This is everything that is expected of the first “House of Mercy” of PIME, inaugurated last February 9 in Taloja, a few kilometers from Mumbai.

Fr. Rayarala Vijay Kumar, Regional Superior of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in India, explains: “It will be the place where PIME can organize and coordinate many other initiatives for the benefit of the neediest and poorest people in society. Here we want to show the merciful face of the Father who is good and generous to all, regardless of creed and caste”. This new space is born “in response to the invitation of Pope Francis who in 2016, during the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, asked all of us Christians to give life to Monuments of Mercy.”

Father Carlo Torriani, an Italian missionary in India since 1969, also says that the PIME Mercy Home “wants to be a bridge” between religions. Also, to make the living conditions of lepers known and at the same time break down the distrust that surrounds the Hansen’s disease. “Those who come from outside do not know this reality. We want to arouse questions in them. Many believe that the sick are contagious and are surprised that we eat together with them.” At the same time, he points out, “those who see us understand that we are not working to proselytize and convert people, instead we work for humanity. The Swarga Dwar is a symbol of the Christian religion that, like every religion, promotes peace.

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