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Christians, Hindus and Muslims march for peace

About 300 people of different religions (Christians, Hindus, and Muslims) working for peace in society joined the peace demonstration on Feb. 13 in Lumbini (Nepal) which will culminate in Magahar in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state. The march will end with a cultural evening on Feb. 17 at Gorakhpur University in northeastern Uttar Pradesh.

“Our journey of peace, harmony, and brotherhood has just begun and some forty Indian soldiers have already been martyred in Kashmir. The intention of the terrorists, says Anoop Shramik, human rights activist and organizer of the event, is destabilizing the context. and relations between India and Pakistan, but also our current government (Indian, ed.) is called for a greater commitment to peace.”

During the march, the “Prerna Manch” (Inspiration Forum), a theater group of Vishwa Jyoti Communications, in the Congregation of the Indian Missionary Society in Varanasi, performs theatrical dramas and street performances centered on the theme of social and religious harmony and respect for others. The group leads the peace procession by singing hymns about unity, peace, and love.

Fr. Mathew, a member of the Indian Mission Society, says that “it is a Christian duty to spread the message of peace and love.” Fr Mathew and the Vishwa Jyoti communications group, which has organized peace events since 2005, celebrated a service dedicated to promoting interfaith harmony through dialogue with people. The best aspect of this dialogue is that it takes place in people’s daily lives.

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