Salah Farah, in defense of the Christian brothers

A young Muslim teacher came out in defense of his fellow Christians. Salah Farah was on the bus that was traveling through Mandera, Kenya, when the vehicle was attacked by a group of Al-Shabab terrorists last December. The attackers asked the Muslims and Christians to divide, but Salah was among the Muslim passengers who refused to execute the order. At that time, he was hit by a bullet and about a month later he died in the hospital in Nairobi.

During that time, Salah had told the BBC that the attackers had offered him an escape route. “They told us that if we were Muslims, we would be safe.” And telling what happened, he added: “We are brothers, it is only religion that differentiates us, so I ask my Muslim brothers to take care of Christians so that Christians can also take care of us and that we can help each other , living together in peace. ”

Salah’s brother, Rashid, has made a statement to The Star newspaper in Kenya, hoping that the death of his brother can help restore the lost harmony and encourage Kenyans to live as a community.

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