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“Jesus Christ is a father who welcomes them,” the difficult situation of Christians in India

Ana Gonzalez is one of the leaders of ACN in Spain. Since WYD Madrid 2011, she has been committed to spreading the news about the reality of persecuted Christians and their living conditions.

During her trip to India, she came into contact with the Catholic population there, which is only 2 percent of the country. They live in a difficult situation with political sectors that promote nationalism; and a caste system that treats Catholics as inferior.

Ana has also shared testimonies she has received in order to help people better understand the situation for Catholics in these countries. For example, the Church project “a ray of hope” helps more than 150 girls, affected by polio. For these reasons, according to Ana, “Jesus Christ is a father who loves them, embraces them and welcomes them with dignity” is a reflection of the importance of their faith and Church in their daily life.

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