Asia Bibi is safe in Canada

This was in November 2018 when Asia Bibi’s husband made a desperate appeal for his wife. He asked for European governments to grant asylum to Asia and their family. She had just being released from prison after almost nine years in inhumane conditions. This was because she had been accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad.

In January 2019, Asia Bibi was completely acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. They rejected the appeal objecting to her then-current release from prison and also the one to hang her. They ruled that the blasphemy charge was false from the beginning. Since the Supreme Court’s verdict, Asia Bibi has been completely free to leave Pakistan.

However, this Christian woman has since spent six months in hiding for fear of Islamic radicals. They have threatened to kill her, despite the fact that the courts have stated her innocence on several occasions.

It is now confirmed that Asia Bibi is safe in Canada. There she has been reunited with her five children and hopes the Canadian government will grant her asylum.