The first step to helping persecuted Christians is getting to know them

The Spanish book “The First Christians; the Oriental Christians” has been presented with the aim of informing people about the history of the Christian faith and persecution of these communities.

They were the first to be evangelized by the apostles in the Middle East region and were the basis of Christianity. However, despite this, now there is great confusion in the West and many people are unaware of their history and current situation.

The author hopes this book will promote more awareness of these communities that still exisit in the Middle East and to encourage prayer for them in the face of all the difficulties they encounter. The author of the book, Raad Salam Naaman, says that “much can be done for the Christians of the East from the parishes,” and recalled what Jesus said to Pilate: “I came and was born to bear witness to the truth.” For this reason, Salam says ” a parish must do that, give the truth. To be informed and to tell the truth without fear or taboos. Another thing people should do is to pray a lot for persecuted Christians and to stand firm”

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