The parish priest of Aleppo thanks the pope for his love for Syria

Firas Lutfi thanked Pope Francis for his calls for peace and letter to Assad to express his love for Syria.

Fr. Firas Lutfi, parish priest of Aleppo, awaits with interest the pope’s new call for peace: “We are grateful to the pope for his direct interventions. Many times he addressed our country calling it ‘my beloved Syria’, he never forgot us.” The news of the delivery of the letter came yesterday, the same day some missiles fell a few kilometers from Aleppo. “They killed a dozen civilians, including children,” the priest denounced.

In Idlib, the humanitarian crisis is more serious than elsewhere for Christians, as Jihadists have driven them from their homes and killed them. The last episode occurred a week ago: a Christian teacher was raped and eventually stoned to death. “The situation is really worrying,” says Fr. Lutfi.

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