“Our presence is a sign of encouragement for the faithful”

Aid to the Church in Need reports some statements by Monsignor George Burgeja, apostolic vicar of Tripoli, about the Libyan situation, where the bishop speaks about a situation made of deep divisions and violations of truce. But he also says that the Catholic Church has not abandoned the Libyan people because “our presence is a sign of encouragement for the faithful”.

“Getting peace and reconciliation will not be easy” said Archbishop Burgeja who added that despite the truce “there have been clashes in Tripoli and this inevitably creates tensions”. In this situation, the Catholic Church too is running out of resources, but tries by every means to help both the Libyan people and migrants who pass through the country. “We do our best to assist people, primarily with our presence. The Catholic Church remained in the country throughout the conflict, even when the other churches left and all European states closed their embassies.”

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