ACN publishes Lenten calendar to pray with the martyrs of today

The title they have given to the calendar is “Brave for Love” and collects the lives of 40 martyrs of our time.

The idea was born to raise awareness and give a face and name to Christians who have given their lives as witnesses for Jesus.

Therefore, the Pontifical Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need, published this calendar to help live the Lenten season in prayer for persecuted Christians, the martyrs of today.

“Today, in the 21st century, there are people, like you and me, who are risking their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ. They are men and women who accept that their daily lives are the true Way of the Cross, because there is an immensely greater cause: a person. LOVE, in all caps, which gives full meaning to their lives,” says ACN when telling the 40 stories of self-giving to help live out Lent.

It is a way of offering a testimony of martyrdom and prayer each day of Lent, for the persecuted Christians of today.

More information: Gaudium Press