Consequences of the coronavirus in the Gaza Strip

The spread of the coronavirus in the Gaza Strip has catastrophic consequences for the population, as it is one of the most populous and poorest places in the world.

“It is a miracle that there are no cases. An epidemic would be devastating now,” says father Gabriel Romanelli, pastor of Gaza, to Agensir, who only has 117 Catholics in the parish. For now, the first two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, two people returning from Pakistan, but there are already restrictions (closing schools, working from home) that seek to prevent the spread of the infection.

The Church in Gaza, where the measures to contain the virus emitted by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem have already entered into force, however, they must continue the proximity to its people, through visits to the sick and those at Easter. “In this way we try to reach our faithful and take care of the health of their souls and also of their body.”

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