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Pope Francis remembers and prays for the many martyrs of our time

«It is painful to remember that, at this moment, there are many Christians who suffer persecutions in various areas of the world, and we must hope and pray that their tribulation will be stopped as soon as possible. There are many: today’s martyrs are more than the martyrs of the first centuries. We express our closeness to these brothers and sisters: we are one body, and these Christians are the bleeding members of the body of Christ which is the Church ». With the audience on Wednesday 29 April, Pope Francis closed the course on the Gospel Beatitudes by focusing on “the eschatological joy of the persecuted for justice”. The Pope stressed that the life of the children of God brings with it a beauty where there is “something uncomfortable that calls for a stand: either to let oneself be questioned and open to the good or to refuse that light and harden the heart, even up to the opposition and the fury ». The Pope then spoke of the martyrs of the last century and the martyrs of our time. «What are those who are rejected by the world because of Christ happy? He rejoices that he has found something worth more than the whole world ». Persecution is “also the place of liberation from subjection to success […] and the compromises of the world”. “In persecutions there is always the presence of Jesus who accompanies us” concluded Pope Francis “the presence of Jesus who comforts us and the strength of the Spirit who helps us to move forward. Let us not be discouraged when a life consistent with the Gospel attracts persecution from people: there is the Spirit who supports us in this way “.

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