Pakistan. Catholics’ help to a country seriously affected by COVID-19 sheds a new light

“Look for the poor and needy, of any religion, in your neighborhoods and help them; buy food for poor families and live the spirit of Easter with authentic charity.” That’s what Father Ryan Joseph, dean of the Saint Pius X Seminary in Karachi was telling his parishioners, according to Agenzia Fides. Those words define well the initiatives of solidarity that christians in Pakistan have launched to help the people of their country in a moment of great need. Bishops, parishishes, as well as simple christians, in different regions of the country,  are distributing food and safety kits to those who cannot afford them. Catholics’ attitude sheds a new light of hope and solidarity in a country where the Christian community is the first to be discriminated. As many times they are denied access to any food or material support provided by different charity associations for reasons of religion. 

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