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Patriarch Beshara Raï prays for coronavirus patients and appeals to political leaders during crisis

During Mass on the feast of Our Lady of Lebanon, Patriarch Beshara Raï spoke about the delicate situation the country is experiencing. According to Asia News, from the church of the patriarchate and not from the Basilica of Harissa, as per tradition, the cardinal prayed for the sick suffering from coronavirus. He asked for Our Lady’s intercession, and also appealed to political leaders to restore the country’s economic life and respond to growing poverty. He also invited the Lebanese people to join their efforts to those of officials and workers in the political and social fields, because in today’s world, the number of poor families is increasing, and many will not be able to recover. For a few months now, Lebanon has been experiencing a significant economic, political and social crisis, aggravated by the consequences of the war in Syria. The Pro Terra Sancta Association reports the words of Fr. Firas Lutfi, minister on behalf of the Custody of the Holy Land of the San Paulo Region (Syria, Lebanon and Jordan). He says “the thin strip of land overlooking the Mediterranean is a small country of four million inhabitants to which a million and a half million Syrian refugees” have been added. Those seeking refuge from war have instead found poverty and uncertainty, because the numerous internal problems of the country couldn’t meet the demands of such a large influx of people. Further bringing the cedar country to its knees is the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more challenging than the health situation is the closure of schools and production chains. This has caused serious damages to the country. By now, nearly half of the population is living below the poverty threshold.