Young Catholics in Vietnam live their faith by feeding the hungry

Marie Le Tran Thuy Vi and her friends prepare, cook and pack food into boxes at Phu Trung Church. According to UCAnews, her group with 10 youths hand out 150-175 servings within 45 minutes each night. Recipients include homeless people, lottery ticket sellers, guards, motorbike taxi drivers and street cleaners in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. 

“We are very happy to serve free dinners to people in need and help them overcome the Covid-19 pandemic,” the graduate in pedagogy said. “We are grateful to them as God sends them to us so that we can do something helpful for them.”

Mary Tran Thi My received a box of food from Vi with gratitude while sitting by her ramshackle bicycle on the pavement. “I have lived on food from them for days and feel a grain of comfort in the pandemic,” said the 57-year-old woman, who used to earn her living  by collecting used items.


Another happy recipient, Ho Thanh Chi, said her family have no money to buy food as her husband and son lost their jobs due to the pandemic. She asked for two rations for her three-member family. “We have never suffered such a situation. We hope the pandemic ends soon,” she said.

Vi said the Covid-19 pandemic is a grave crisis but has also opened young people’s hearts, inducing them to return to core values and to spend more time doing charitable work and serving the common good in line with local bishops’ proposals for youths.

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