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Aid to the Church in Need launches new plan in Burkina Faso in response to Islamic terrorism

Aid to the Church in Need just approved a project to support 18 pastoral coordinators constrained to leave their parish in Sebba because of Jihadist extremism. They fled to the city of Dori, the diocese of Burkina Faso.

Pastoral coordinators and lay catechists are important reference points for Christian communities in areas that priests cannot reach. Their importance in some areas of Burkina Faso has made them targets for Islamic terrorists. They have been forced to take their families and leave their homes. The diocese of Dori has welcomed them. Bishop Laurent Dabiré describes it as an authentic challenge for the diocese of Dori, which he says is financially devastated and heavily impacted by terrorist attacks since 2015.

Standtogether has followed the difficult situation in Burkina Faso, even interviewing Fr. Roger Kogolo, a priest from the diocese of Dori. In the interview, Fr. Kogolo remembers the countless Christians who have been killed or forced to flee because of their faith. He also talks about the kidnapping of his friend, Fr. Joel Yougbare.